Understanding Hazardous Area Classification

Understanding HAC

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Understanding HAC

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About the Course

Hazardous area classification is defined as  “A method to analyze and classify explosive gas environment into zones based on the frequency and duration of explosive gas atmospheres”. Classification of Zones is largely dependent on frequency of release.

At the end of this course you will be able to Define Hazardous Area Classification, the industries where it is relevant, standards applicable  and identify the different types  of electrical equipment that you can use in hazardous areas


1.    What is HAC?

2.    Where is HAC Applicable

3.    Fire Triangle/quadrilateral

4.    Not in HAC

5.    Relevant Terms

6.    Classification into Zones

7.    Extent of Hazard

8.    Case Studies


The course has been prepared in accordance to guidelines and standards prevalent in India and abroad

Course designed for

HSE professionals involved in Process Safety and Plant management.

1.    Plant Managers

2.    Operating/Maintenance Personnel

3.    Individuals/EPC



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