Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Entry

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Confined Space Entry

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About the Course

Incidents in Confined spaces are even today the cause for many fatal accidents and injuries. Confined spaces injuries are considered to be some of the most serious incidents in the industry; for this reason, there is a great attention given to safe confined space entry.

Incident investigations reveal that  workers often do not recognize or anticipate the  unforeseen hazards.  This course is designed to give a sound understanding of the requirements for confined space entry.


1.    Introduction to Confined Spaces

a.     Overview

b.    Case Studies

c.     Standards

d.    Facts

2.    Hazards associated with Confined Space entry

a.     Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment process prior to entry to confined space

3.    Confined Space Entry - Requirements for working safely in confined space

a.     Permits

b.    Planning for Confined space entry

c.     Eliminating adverse atmospheric conditions

d.    Securing the area

e.    Isolating the Area

4.    Training

5.    Rescue Operations

a.     Rescue Techniques

b.    Requirements for Rescue operations

c.     Special Equipments

d.    Roles of the Rescue Team


The course has been prepared in accordance to guidelines and standards prevalent in India and abroad

Course designed for

HSE professionals involved in Process Safety and Plant management.



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