Safe Scaffolding

Safe Scaffolding

  • Code:  SFF124
  • Format:  Online
  • Language:  English
  • Duration:  Each Module is 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Price: INR.  5000

Safe Scaffolding

Product Description:

About the Course

Scaffolds, perhaps because of their temporary nature are not given enough attention and importance while erecting leading to a number of accidents.  This is also compounded due to a lack of knowledge and skills.

The course covers in depth information on the following

  • Safety related technical requirements for Scaffolding
  • Aspects of Design, Construction and Dismantling of Scaffolding Safely
  • Key components to be used in Scaffolding
  • Understanding different Types of Scaffolding
  • Procedure and Steps for erecting different types of Scaffolding


  1. Key concepts in Scaffolding
  2. Design and requirements in Scaffolding erection


  • Providing competency on basic concepts of scaffolding and insights into globally accepted practices
  • Prepared in accordance with EN12811 (in replacement of BS:5973)
  • Cites National as well as International standards like OSHA Scaffold standard, IS : 2750 Specification , Saudi Aramco, British Standands etc
  • Easy to grasp language and engaging Instructional Design
  • Learning assessed through interactive questions

Course designed for

HSE professionals involved in Construction Domain

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