Proficiency in Covid - 19 Protocol for Employees

Covid-19 Protocol for Employees

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  • Format:  Online
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  • Duration:  30 minutes
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Covid-19 Protocol for Employees

Product Description:

About the Course 

With the imminent need for Industries, Factories and Offices to resume normal operations post the Covid-19 Lockdown, it is important to equip and assess each employee on the prevention protocol for COVID-19  in Workplaces. You can do this through our comprehensive e-learning course on this subject.



At the end of this course, the learner will be able to 

• Define the precautions which needs to be followed to protect from SARS-COV-2 virus infection

• Explain the need for Hand hygiene, Respiratory hygiene and Social Distancing

• Compare existing practice with the recommended practice in prevention of the spread of the disease 

• Apply the prevention steps while at home, in public places, during work and during travel in vehicles

• Solve practical issues while dealing with prevention on spread of the virus.


Modules Section 1: COVID-19

Sub Topic 1.1: Information about the virus SARS – COV -2

Sub Topic 1.2: Origin of COVID-19

Sub Topic 1.3: Mode of spread of Infection

Sub Topic 1.4: Prevention of Infection

Sub Topic 1.5: Symptoms of Infection

Sub Topic 1.6: How it spreads

Sub Topic 1.7: Protect yourself

Section 2: Commutation

Sub Topic 2.1: Home to Office

Section 3: Workplace

Sub Topic 3.1: What to be aware of at Main Gate

Sub Topic 3.2: During work hours

Sub Topic 3.3: Visitor or Contractor Entry

Section 4: Common Area

Sub Topic 4.1: Rest Rooms in Offices – Guidelines on Facility Management

Sub Topic 4.2: Rest Rooms in Offices – Guidelines for Individual Users

Sub Topic 4.3: Lifts - Guidelines on Facility Management

Sub Topic 4.4: Lifts - Guidelines for Individual Users

Sub Topic 4.5: Staircase - Guidelines on Facility Management

Sub Topic 4.6: Staircase - Guidelines for Individual Users

Sub Topic 4.7: Canteen

Section 5: Disinfection and Sanitization

Sub Topic 5.1: Disinfection of Surfaces

Sub Topic 5.2: Understanding Environmental Fogging

Sub Topic 5.3: Personal Protective Equipment

Sub Topic 5.4: Method to wear and remove a face mask 

Section 6: Emergency Situation

Sub Topic 6.1: How to handle an Emergency Situation


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