Layer of Protection Analysis

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Layer of Protection Analysis

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The world has continued to witness many industrial disasters since the beginning of the industrial age.

Many of them like the Piper Alpha Oil platform incident , the Buncefield fire or the Bhopal Gas tragedy have cost us dearly.

There are varieties of methodologies that can be used to conduct a Process Hazard Analysis study.  Newer methods include Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)  or Fault Tree Analysis etc . Layer of Protection Analysis or LOPA is one of the effective  tools used for Safety Integrity Level Assessment and reducing the risk of a process.

LOPA is a quantitative technique for reducing the RISK of a process.





1.Basics of Risk

2.Introduction to Process Hazard Analysis

            PHA& LOPA

            Functional Safety

            IEC 61508 & 61511

            Understanding SIS, SIL and SIF

3.Methods of SIL Determination

            Risk Graph

            Risk Matrix


4.Independent Protection Layer

5.LOPA in Detail

            LOPA overview

            LOPA Preparatory stage

            Initiating Events

            Enabling Event

            Conditional Modifiers

6.SIL Assignment & Worksheet

7.Uses , advantages and Disadvantages





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Course designed for


HSE professionals involved in Functional and Process Safety





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