Principles & Prevention of Electrical Shock

Principles & Prevention of Electrical Shock

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Principles & Prevention of Electrical Shock

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About the Course

The main hazards of working with electricity are Electric shock and burns from contact with live parts or Injury from exposure to arcing, fire from faulty electrical equipment and defective installations. This course deals with measures that can be taken to prevent Electrical Shocks and resultant injuries.


1.    Shock Basics   

a.     What are electrical Hazards & what Risks are involved in handling electricity.

b.    The quantification of shock and the assessment of hazard based on IEC 60479. Types of shock.

2.    Shock protection devices       

a.     The working of ELCB , RCCB, RCBO including exceptions   

b.    PPE - Gloves, Safety Hat, Electrical Safety Shoes and Insulating mats

3.    LOTO   

a.     The basics of LOTO & Six stages in LOTO

4.    Short Circuit and Fire  

a.     Short circuits as the cause for fire. The side effect of short circuit – Arc Flash

5.    Arc Flash         

a.     How is Arc Flash Hazard Study conducted

b.    Study output and  requirements

6.    Static Electricity & Lightning   

a.     Concept of static electricity, lightning and its mitigation

7.    Thermography

a.     How can thermography help you prevent fire and arc flash accidents? How do you know for sure that the equipment/facility is working as intended?


The course has been prepared in accordance to guidelines and standards prevalent in India and abroad

Course designed for

HSE professionals involved in Electrical Safety, General Safety, Process Safety and Plant management.



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