An introductory guide to HAZOP

An introductory guide to HAZOP

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An introductory guide to HAZOP

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About the Course

The world has continued to witness many industrial disasters since the beginning of the industrial age. Many of them like the Piper Alpha Oil platform incident , the Buncefield fire or the Bhopal Gas tragedy have cost us dearly.  Hazard Identification and Risk Mitigation techniques have gained significant attention and impetus in the recent past on account of such catastrophic accidents.  Hazop study is a careful review of a process or operation in a systematic fashion to determine whether deviations from the design or operational intent can lead to undesirable consequence. And the objective of such a study is to identify the hazard and operability problems and to reduce the probability and consequences of an incident in the process facilities that would have a detrimental impact to the personnel, plant, properties and environment.


·         Why Hazop study is a useful  PHA Technique

·         Definitions of Hazop

·         When or at what stage Hazop is ideally used

·         What is the Methodology  that is adopted

·         Step by Step walk through of the Methodology

·         Outcome of Hazop study

·         How a Team is composed & formed

·         Why there are limitations and advantages in using Hazop


1.        Introduction to Hazard Management

2.        PHA Techniques

3.        Introduction to HAZOP

4.        HAZOP Methodology

5.        HAZOP Team

6.        Advantages of HAZOP

7.        Limitations of HAZOP

8.        case studie 1- Bhopal Gas Tragedy

9.        case studie 2- Pasedena incident

About the Instructor

Mr. Prasad Rajadhyaksha

Sr. General Manager – Process Safety Services


Mr.Prasad Rajadhyaksha having completed his  M. Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay has over 3 decades of expertise in Risk engineering and Safety. His expertise spans areas of   Process Safety, Process Design, Process Simulation, and Business Software Projects.  His global experience in Safety stems from having worked across the world – in the US, UK, UAE, Germany, Thailand, Honkong, Kuwait and India across many landmark projects and prestigious clients.  

Fields of Competence : Implementing over 200 studies and projects in Hazid, Hazop, QRA and  PHSER has distinguished him as a eminent Safety consultant in India today, and a  sought after speaker at HSE conferences.

Course designed for

HSE professionals and TMs involved in  Safety and Plant Operations.



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